Work from home

Before you start, a warning: If you came here wanting to learn a magic formula to work from home and make easy money, without any effort, you came to the wrong place.

Instead, you’ll check out the most complete guide on the internet, with everything you need to know to run a business from the comfort of your home or wherever you want now in 2020.

Is that your goal? Or, who knows, to have an alternative income? Then you’re in the right place!

I hope this content will be very useful for you, to the point of finishing the reading with your head boiling with ideas.

So let’s combine, we’ll take a walk between what you need to work at home, both from a personal and structural point of view.

We’ve already said that your commitment to the project must be much greater than the investments that need to be made, ok? In some cases, you can really start from scratch.

After all, why is working at home the dream of many people?

It is more and more common to come across young people who are dissatisfied with their professions or even find those who do not fit into any traditional career.

This does not happen only with young people. Sometimes, even adults with many years in the market end up discouraged in their jobs and feel like innovating and doing something completely different from what they have done so far.

You know what?

It’s okay, it’s perfectly normal and you don’t have to charge yourself for it or be in a hurry. Teaching solutions are becoming more and more advanced, as are the options in the job market.

And you can reconcile the two by working at home, even!

Choosing a career is not an easy decision and it doesn’t need to consume all your energy. You can discover many skills by experimenting with new areas such as Affiliate marketing or writing optimized content for organizations.

Now imagine if, besides everything, you can still generate an extra income at the end of the month, sometimes even without leaving home?

So, let’s make a scheme of what you will need to work at home:

  • choose what your work will be (you will see some suggestions in this post);
  • have a propitious environment, well organized to work remotely;
  • have discipline to organize yourself and establish your own routine;
  • if you are going to open your own business, you need to legalize it, no matter how much work will be done at home;
  • make your work known so that more people know you.

Calm down, we won’t stop here. We have structured an incredible content so that you can get the best option to work from home.

Work from home x have your own business

This is a fundamental topic that will guide your next steps and you need to pay attention to it to understand which profile you fit in best.

There are two possibilities when working from home: having your own business or working remotely/home office, for a company or another person.

Remote work

Having a remote job means you don’t have to go to a physical office, which allows you to work from anywhere in the long as that place has internet access.

You can be a conventional employee, have an employment contract for a certain period, or you can be a freelancer.

The conventional employee is hired by the company and is entitled to all the benefits of a normal employee.

A person with a limited contract time will still have his/her work card signed (or can receive the payment through a legal account). However, the period of service is defined in the agreement between employee and employer.

The freelancer is the professional who is hired for a specific project or task and may have a defined or undetermined period of work. It is also a good form of alternative work for those who want to earn extra money on weekends.

These are great options if you don’t want to worry about running and developing a business.

However, remember that if your current job does not offer the option to work remotely or you are still going to start, you will have to look for a job that offers that option.

Also, it is good to remember that working for other companies or people, you will have a salary gain limit, even if you are a great professional, since the one who defines your earnings is not you, but who hired you.

Own business

The own business can be very interesting if you want to be your own boss and have financial independence.

But of course, if it were easy, everybody would be enterprising. Just for you to have an idea, every 10 companies open, 6 close their doors before completing 5 years, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

Having your own business means, mainly:

  • being multitasked, especially at the beginning;
  • studying a lot about your market;
  • To have the resilience to know how to deal with several challenges;
  • and be patient to start having financial return.

It is important that you understand that entrepreneurship is much more associated with identifying problems and opportunities to implement an idea that causes positive impacts than being innovative and creating something never seen before.

So, to simplify, from now on you can think of entrepreneurship as actions and projects that seek to solve other people’s problems, no matter how simple they are.

Later on, we will mention several opportunities, either with a remote job or with your own business and this will make more sense.

Data on these working methods

According to the IBGE, in its 2018 Social Indicators Synthesis, informal work without a work permit is the condition of 37.3 million Brazilians.

The type of occupation or area of work has changed considerably since 2012. In that year, 10.3 thousand people were working in the agricultural sector, and in 2018, 8.7 thousand.

On the other hand, the area of education grew exponentially, from 8.5 thousand to 10.5 thousand, most probably due to the modernization of distance learning platforms and other knowledge offerings in the digital world.

This growth, of course, accompanied a demando for training, courses, specializations, and of course, also moved the area that commercially intermediated the teaching, in this case, the area of services, which was from 21 thousand to 24 thousand people.

Ok, we have numbers and general considerations, but, what to say specifically about each worker represented in this statistic?

If we take Freelancing in America 2018 as a reference, we will see that 63% of the American freelancers chose this condition, that is, they wanted to leave the formal labor market to do what they like, at the time they think best and with their own rules.

And they are not few, see?

This same research shows that 57 million Americans work on their own and, to make a point, 84% of them say that this type of work allows them to have the lifestyle they would like, while only 63% of formal workers said the same.

And they are not few, see?

This same research shows that 57 million Americans work on their own and, to support the argument, 84% of them say that this type of work allows them to have the lifestyle they would like, while only 63% of formal workers said the same.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

And there are other advantages to working at home, but also some obstacles that need to be overcome.

Let’s talk about them, so you can make a conscious decision if this modality matches your style and know the challenges ahead.

The advantages and disadvantages of working at home

As you read the following topics, link each condition to what you plan for your professional future and consider what you believe is most important to have a high quality of life.

A good tip is to make your own list of the pros and cons that make the most sense to you.


No need to face traffic

If you start working from home, you don’t have to go to the office every morning anymore. Especially if you live in a big city with heavy vehicle traffic, this is one of the great advantages.

Some people don’t mind spending time in their car or on public transportation. But if you can’t stand wasting time in traffic, you can write that topic in the list of advantages.

Besides, it is valid to consider that, at home, you have more safety while, on the street, we are constantly subject to accidents or robberies.

Spend more time with the family

If you’ve formed a family, you know how every minute matters around those you love. And this is a big factor, especially if you have children.

Fathers and mothers who need to go out to work have an emotional cost of being away from their children, need to justify their absences when the children are sick, besides, of course, the expenses that increase the monthly budget, such as full-time school, school transportation, caregiver, among others.

In this sense, it is an advantage both for ensuring that their family lifestyle is preserved, as well as for reducing costs, since working at home dispenses with a good part of this support that needs to be assembled.