Types of jobs: what are they

Over time, the types of jobs have gone through various transformations, as a result of the evolution of human knowledge, technologies and needs that have emerged with the increase in population.

Each country has its own rules that regulate labor activities, as well as a culture that, in a way, is associated with the way people work. In Brazil, each model of labor activity is classified according to its legality, types of labor contracts and formality.

The different types of jobs that exist make it easier for each professional to trace their path according to their preferences and needs. Continue reading and get to know the work options to pursue a career!


The Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) are norms that regulate Brazilian labor relations. Whoever opts for this hiring regime has a signed work card, which generates labor responsibilities for the employer and the employee.

In this case, there is a defined working day with the start and end times of activities and predetermined breaks for rest and meals. There is also a salary and a position recorded on the work card.

The amount reported is not exactly the amount received, since there are discounts related to income tax, INSS and meal or transportation. This is the best option for those who need a well-established routine.


Independent work is any activity performed by professionals in a liberal manner, providing services for individuals or companies for a defined period of time, without employment ties. There are tax issues that favor the activity.

For this reason, those who choose this type of employment have complete professional and financial autonomy, not assuming the function of an effective employee. It is important that the autonomous develops his activities with his own organization, discretion and initiative, besides choosing the best way, place and time of execution.

This worker can even carry out activities at home. The downside is that the provision of services may be eventual. Therefore, this modality is ideal for those who deal well with financial insecurity and have discipline to work at home.


Entrepreneurs are professionals who run a company. They perform professional activities, structured to commercialize goods or services. According to Brazilian law, there are two types of entrepreneurs in the country:

  • Individual: an individual who creates an organization in an individual way;
  • Legal entity: legal entity that explores an economic activity formed by several people.

Entrepreneurs are not only distinguished by legal and judicial issues. They must have some characteristics that help them to manage a business with mastery, like:

  • leadership;
  • entrepreneurial spirit;
  • ability to solve problems;
  • knowledge in business administration;
  • willingness to learn new things;
  • know the relationship between employability and entrepreneurship;
  • humility to identify one’s own mistakes.


The internship program as a type of supervised professional development. The work can have a maximum duration of 30 weekly hours, which corresponds to 6 daily hours.

The internship aims to prepare the student for the job market. The law also formalizes two modalities:

  • mandatory: required in undergraduate courses for the student to graduate;
  • not mandatory: optional for those who wish to have professional experience during college.

Internship is fundamental to start your career. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know different companies, sectors and work environments before graduating, all with more possibilities to explore.

Besides learning many tasks and putting theory into practice, the trainee matures, discovers areas with which he has more affinity, broadens his horizons and becomes a much better professional.


Freelancer is a liberal professional who acts autonomously and provides services to individuals or companies for defined periods. Besides being favored in the tributary part, the professional has the benefit of getting jobs in the digital market.

The freelancer works on his own and needs to have a lot of focus, organization and dedication. It is possible to find writers, designers, journalists, photographers, programmers, painters, musicians, marketing professionals, among others, who look for job vacancies for freelancers.

This is a great option for those who want to replace themselves on the job market and are having difficulty to find a job, either because they want to change areas, or because of economic crises.


Volunteer work is unpaid, and it is necessary to dedicate your time and talent to help other people. The activities can be carried out in several areas, such as day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Those who choose to volunteer must have good will, responsibility and dedication. There are no specific number of days or hours of work, and it can be done once a week or become a routine.

This is a great option for those who like to help people, seek new experiences and do not see the financial issue as a problem. Volunteer work consists of the well-being of others, and personal satisfaction comes along with action.

Hiring PJ

This type of work is for professionals who have a company registered in their names. Thus, they support all the charges for the realization of their services.

By not configuring an employment relationship, it is possible to render services in several companies. As this work system has no benefits defined in contracts, there is no discount on receiving amounts.

In practice, companies that hire PJ service providers define their own work schedules, with start and end dates. Therefore, this is a good option for those who are able to close good contracts, seek independence and deal well with moments of professional instability.

Although there are different types of jobs, there is no better one than the other. It is important to keep in mind that each one has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the ideal is to choose the one that best fits your profile and the moment of your career.