Be a Successful Money Lender

One of the options that most people who have a certain amount of capital consider is to become a private lender, their objective being to obtain a return on the money they have lent.

If you want to know how to be a good and successful lender, the first thing you must do is to carry out your operations in compliance with the established regulations and to make sure how to be a legal lender, you must know that each of the loans must be documented, taxed to the Treasury and accrue a minimum interest rate (regulated by law) since it is clear that you can not lend at 0%.

How to become a money lender

Both individuals and freelancers or even companies can be money lenders, but in order to know how to be one of the best, it is not enough to want to lend money, but it is necessary to register for this purpose.

Registering as a lender

On the one hand, there is a registry in which anyone who wants to professionally lend money and make savings profitable must register as a lender and comply with existing regulations in order to protect consumers who access this service.

Through crowdlending platforms

Another option of how to be a good money lender is to do it through crowdlending platforms, which is a financing and investment alternative still new in our country but which is experiencing a significant increase in recent years since it also does not require registration in any registry, simply register as an investor in the crowdlending platform.

How to become a money lender through crowdlending platforms?

To become a lender or investor in crowdlending platforms you have to follow an easy and simple registration process.

The crowdlending platforms have a wizard that will guide you through all the steps you must follow to become an investor in the platform. Starting with a simple wizard.

Tips for success as a crowdlending lender

Invest in platforms with risk assessment

It is important that you consider ahead the platforms like QVCredit that study the risk of each of the operations that they are going to publish, as this gives you the assurance that the probability of default is lower.

Diversify your investment portfolio

In the case of rated operations (not guaranteed by a Mutual Guarantee Society) it is advisable to invest small amounts in different projects, as this way you will diversify the risk of possible losses by being able to compensate the losses in case they occur with projects in which a good return has been obtained.

Reinvest the amounts you recover

In the investments through crowdlending generally the form of payment is through monthly installments or at maturity in the case of Crowdfactoring. It is highly recommended to reinvest those amounts that are being recovered month by month in other operations that are available to invest at that moment and in that way the profitability obtained will be multiplied. You will also be able to withdraw the money to your current account whenever you want without any cost.