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Are you looking for a new career? Have you just finished your studies or are you just looking for new professional areas? It is common to think that not having previous professional experience will prevent you from getting a good job. While it is true that many professions require a university degree and years of experience, it is also possible to find promising openings that do not require both.

Also, contrary to what some people may think, not all jobs that do not require experience are “dead ends. Many of them are a great starting point for a fulfilling career.

It’s common for some of them to even offer training to help you get started in the field – not bad, right? Check below our list of 10 jobs that do not require experience:

Delivery driver

If you don’t like the idea of being stuck in an office all day long, then this job might be a good alternative. Delivery drivers can be employed in various types of industry and at local, regional and national levels. You don’t need to have experience in the field – just a clean driver’s license. This type of employment usually allows for good shift flexibility, so you can even include other commitments in your routine.


Security guards work protecting individuals, organizations, real estate and other types of assets. Their responsibilities involve monitoring to prevent break-ins, robberies and other types of crime through surveillance. This position is a great start for those interested in working in the police or criminal area.

Administrative Assistant

The responsibilities of an administrative assistant vary depending on your employer, but usually your activities include answering phone calls, answering emails, researching and writing texts for your team or manager. These professionals may also be responsible for organizing meetings and other executive appointments, preparing the materials used in presentations, and making travel arrangements. With this experience, the assistant can be promoted to office manager or executive assistant.

Real Estate Broker

Realtors work together with their clients and the public, listing properties for rent and sale. In addition, they conduct inspections of properties and advise buyers on their options. They also analyze buyers’ needs and locate residential or commercial properties accordingly. After you get your first opportunity in the area it is possible to accumulate experience and professional contacts to turn this experience into a profitable career.


If you are a determined person, have attention to detail and a passion for cooking, then it is possible to start a career in beginner positions in the kitchen and grow into the position of chef. Several famous chefs started from below in the kitchen and have built successful careers. There are many opportunities in the area if you want to start with a basic training. Also, you can always consider a short cooking course to give you an edge over other aspiring chefs.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives are the points of contact between a company and its customers, generating new sales opportunities, developing relationships, creating loyalty and closing sales. The day by day in this kind of job is usually very fast, dynamic and interesting. Many times the companies even offer opportunities for flexibility and also trips to work. If you have a natural ability to sell, experience will not be a problem.